7 critical questions B2B tech leaders must answer to accelerate growth in 2022

A proven actionable framework to nail your go-to-market strategy

If the word ‘strategy’ makes you break out in hives because it conjures up a vague, intangible, head-melting concept, don’t worry. In this masterclass we’re all about the practicalities: why, when, who and how. We’ll explain how a refined go-to-market strategy will underpin your business or product launch and drive revenue growth and why your business won’t fulfil its potential without one.

We’ll help you answer the critical questions that will shape your approach to targeting and penetrating new markets and establishing a healthy pipeline of sales.

With research showing that up to 95% of new products fail, and 90% of start-ups burn out within a year, this masterclass is essential know-how for every business with the ambition to rapidly grow and successfully compete on the global stage.

In this unique, live, online masterclass you’ll learn:

How to bring together all the key elements that drive your business: sales, marketing, pricing, brand awareness and competitive analysis into one powerful action plan

How to define your product–market fit

The secret to identifying your highest potential market segment and ideal customer

What you should know about your competitors and how to differentiate and position your product

How to build a compelling value proposition

The essential elements of a sales and pricing strategy

How our proven sales and marketing strategy can supercharge your lead generation and help grow your business fast

Do you have a great product or solution but aren’t sure how to market it effectively? Are you confused about the many different sales and marketing strategies you’ve come across and worried about wasting resources on an ineffective approach?

This masterclass will clarify how all the elements of your business feed into a go-to-market strategy that will deliver multiple benefits including reducing time to market, ensuring you have product–market fit, enabling you to reach your target audience, generate sales and compete in your chosen marketplace. It’s a blueprint for business success.

Join us to discover the benefits of creating and implementing an effective go-to-market strategy and the dangers of not having one.

This masterclass is a don't-miss event if you...

  • Are a business leader, sales manager or company director with limited marketing experience but a pressing need to grow your business.
  • Have a great product or service with global appeal and urgently need to secure your first clients and start generating revenue.
  • Are launching new products or targeting new markets but don’t know how to reach high numbers of potential buyers.
  • Need an insight into developing the right strategy to accelerate your business growth.

By the end of this masterclass...

You’ll have answered the 7 critical questions that form the basis of an effective go-to-market strategy and will have a blueprint for business success that you can action immediately.

Make 2022 the year to realise your growth ambitions

We’ve over 40 years’ combined experience of helping B2B tech companies around the world to launch, scale and grow. Our track record includes international product launches, serious brand building, acquisitions, multi-million pound exits and high-profile stock market flotations. We know this stuff and we know how to help you grow your business fast.

We’re always excited to get the chance to share our knowledge, expertise and marketing experience with companies to help them achieve the success they deserve.

This masterclass is your chance to take the first step on the path to creating a successful sales and marketing approach that will help you smash your business goals.


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