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How really knowing your ideal customer persona could revolutionise your lead generation (+ FREE Template)

How well do you know your customers, and more importantly your potential customers, and what motivates them? If you don’t know exactly who they are how can you successfully target and convert them?

Knowing your ideal customer is THE most critical element of successful lead generation. Otherwise you’ll be wasting valuable marketing resources chasing prospects that are unlikely to ever buy.

Your ideal customer persona should be at the heart of every marketing decision you make. It informs your value proposition, it focuses your sales and marketing team’s activity and ultimately it results in higher quality leads. In fact, it should underpin everything your company does from product design to follow-up customer care.

Being truly customer-centric and taking the time to really know your customers’ needs brings benefits to your entire organization, creating economic gains of 20%–50% (McKinsey Quarterly Report, 2019).

The impact of knowing your ideal customer persona

If you’re thinking, we already know our customer profile, we don’t need to map it out in detail, consider the following facts:


How to get a deep understanding of your ideal customer

Take the time to create a detailed picture of your ideal customer persona using:

  • Market research
  • Insights from customer-facing staff
  • Interviews with current customers that already champion your product.     

As well as the basics such as age, country, occupation, job title and company, income and education, you need to know their likely interests, personality and buying habits. Crucially you need a clear understanding of your ideal customers’ needs, aspirations, pain points and challenges.

Remember, your company will need an ideal customer persona for every product, in every vertical and every geographical region. It might seem like a tall order, but it will create the foundation on which you will be able to build successful marketing campaigns and ultimately increase sales.


Start now to get to know your Ideal Customer Persona

To help you build up your library of personas download our Ideal Customer Persona template.  HERE

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