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Empowering OMECU for Launch: Strategic Marketing & Customer-Centricity with Kickstart

Grand Scale empower innovation spin-out companies to successfully launch their business, accelerate their go-to-market, generate sales traction, and attract investment. We achieve this by harnessing the power of our tried-and-tested marketing programmes and strategic membership, equipping spin-outs with the essential skills, strategic prowess, and unwavering support required to not only endure but thrive. Don't just take our word for it—here are testimonials from clients who have not only participated in Grand Scale Kickstart, our established strategic programme, but have also crafted robust marketing strategies enabling them to successfully launch and grow their business. 

Les Gaw, CEO of OMECU and graduate of the Grand Scale Kickstart for ICURe programme, proudly funded by INNOVATE UK.


The Challenge:

As a director at OMECU, a company specialising in genomic analysis software, Les Gaw faced a significant hurdle. Like many spin-out companies, resources were limited, and the team lacked a focused strategy or approach in sales and marketing, impacting the growth of their business. OMECU was challenged with efficiently directing efforts within a rapidly changing landscape.

“As a team we’ve an academic background but limited commercial skills, and Kickstart has up-skilled our team in sales and marketing, which is essential for a new business.”


The Solution:

Introducing a proven strategic framework, has revolutionised the company's marketing approach.
The Kickstart methodology instilled a fresh sense of purpose into OMECU's efforts, providing them with the know-how to strategically direct their sales and marketing initiatives. And with 12-month programme access, the team can continually revisit and engage with the content, fostering ongoing learning and entrepreneurial skills development.

The Breakthrough:

Drawing from almost 30 years of experience across start-ups and commercial enterprises, including aspects of marketing and commerce, Les found the programme highly valuable and insightful.
Notably, a crucial takeaway from the programme was – the vital role of structure and following a defined marketing framework. Les explains how the programme effectively guides teams to focus on customers and their target market, recognising this as essential for achieving success. This shift in perspective, transitioning from a product-centered approach to customer-centric thinking, resulted in a significant transformation in OMECU's sales and marketing strategies.

The Transformation:

The Kickstart programme brought about a transformative shift in OMECU's sales and marketing methodology, replacing a tactical approach with a structured framework. This empowered the team with the tools to strategically plan and direct their marketing endeavours, in turn supercharging their sales strategy. Innovative content creation techniques boosted creativity, and the team adeptly grasped how to effectively manage and guide prospects through different stages of their buying journey. With confidence, the team are now effectively engaging with their target audience, creating sales traction and building a robust sales pipeline.


The Recommendation:

"The comprehensive structure of the programme, the depth of its content, the expertise of the programme facilitators, and the interactive engagement with fellow participants collectively make it an immensely valuable initiative. For start-ups and early-stage companies aiming for initial growth and brand visibility, this program is pivotal. I wholeheartedly recommend Kickstart. Our collaboration with the Grand Scale team was enjoyable; their genuine enthusiasm for our work is contagious and resonates throughout the course, resulting in a highly positive experience for us."

Les Gaw, CEO of OMECU


If you're interested in learning more about our Grand Scale Kickstart for ICURe programme please click HERE.



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