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Accelerating Growth: How Kickstart Transformed Esitu Solutions' Market Reach & Commercial Skills

Grand Scale empower innovation spin-out companies to successfully launch their business, accelerate their go-to-market, generate sales traction, and attract investment. We achieve this by harnessing the power of our tried-and-tested marketing programmes and strategic membership, equipping spin-outs with the essential skills, strategic prowess, and unwavering support required to not only endure but thrive. Don't just take our word for it—here are testimonials from clients who have not only participated in Grand Scale Kickstart, our established strategic programme, but have also crafted robust marketing strategies enabling them to successfully launch and grow their business.


Dr Vikki Kroll, CEO of Esitu Solutions and graduate of the Grand Scale Kickstart for ICURe programmeproudly funded by INNOVATE UK.


The Challenge:

With a solid academic background and a sharp focus on the Fleet market, Esitu Solutions faced a challenge: they lacked essential commercial skills, having no prior experience in sales and marketing. As an early stage company, the team were struggling to build brand awareness, engage the market and generate sales. The traditional methods of prospect engagement and lead generation, despite their steep costs, were failing to deliver the systematic approach and quantity of leads needed to meet their sales targets.

The Solution:

Kickstart educated and upskilled Esitu Solution in the latest innovations and techniques in terms of sales and marketing. Enabling the team to utilise the power of marketing automation, providing systematic approaches to prospecting and message consistency. It also highlighted the necessity to enhance the company’s online brand including its website and how to leverage data for more informed decision-making.

The Breakthrough:

By following the Kickstart framework, Esitu Solutions recognised the vital importance of an effective marketing strategy for start-ups. Discovering the power of consistent messaging, strategic planning, and content scheduling, they gained insights and techniques that significantly improved their lead generation efforts. The programme also played a vital role in educating and enhancing their skillset, equipping their team with confidence and the know-how to manage their sales and marketing function.

The Transformation:

As a result of the programme's strategies and support, Esitu Solutions is a commercially robust spin out. With confidence, they're ready to launch their first major campaign, leveraging the power of automation to execute a systematic, high converting, lead generation strategy. The journey from traditional inconsistent outreach to strategic marketing has been profound for the business’s growth.

The Recommendation:

"I came to Grand Scale with part of me thinking that it would be just 'another marketing course', which I would not be able to implement. However, having been through the course, Ro and Leanne provide you with all the tools in a simple way to really kick start your marketing plan - following the course I was blown away with the content and how structured it was. We have been following the steps and guidance, and we are seeing a real benefit for our company."

Dr Vikki Kroll, CEO of Esitu Solutions


If you're interested in learning more about the Grand Scale Kickstart for ICURe programme please click HERE.






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