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Cryologyx Elevates Commercial Success: Mastering the Market with Kickstart

Grand Scale empower innovation spin-out companies to successfully launch their business, accelerate their go-to-market, generate sales traction, and attract investment. We achieve this by harnessing the power of our tried-and-tested marketing programmes and strategic membership, equipping spin-outs with the essential skills, strategic prowess, and unwavering support required to not only endure but thrive. Don't just take our word for it—here are testimonials from clients who have not only participated in Grand Scale Kickstart, our established strategic programme, but have also crafted robust marketing strategies enabling them to successfully launch and grow their business.

Tom Congdon, the CEO and co-founder of CryoLogyx and graduate of the Grand Scale Kickstart for ICURe programme, proudly funded by INNOVATE UK.


The Challenge:

In the world of pioneering biotech R&D, Tom Congdon, the CEO and co-founder of CryoLogyx, faced a significant obstacle. Their expertise in creating assay-ready cell models showed great potential, but a crucial element was lacking - they needed to establish an effective go-to-market framework. The challenges lay in pinpointing the exact customer segment that would resonate with their offerings while facilitating scalable growth. The Kickstart programme played a pivotal role in aiding this startup to formulate a roadmap to success.

The Solution:

The Kickstart programme brought about a remarkable transformation for CryoLogyx. It’s structured five-step approach, provided CryoLogyx with a tried-and-tested framework for sustainable customer acquisition. The programme enabled the team to accurately identify their ideal customers, create compelling messaging, build automated marketing and sales processes, providing them with a repeatable strategy to rapidly grow their customer base.

The Breakthrough:

For CryoLogyx, scientists with no marketing background, the programme proved incredibly valuable. It furnished them with insights into persona development, marketing automation, the art of content creation, and effective sales strategies. Moreover, the programme unveiled the science behind customer acquisition and provided a blueprint on how to attract, nurture and convert qualified leads in a systematic automated way.

The Transformation:

Due to their limited sales and marketing experience, CryoLogyx initially overlooked the significance of harnessing a CRM tool to automate and optimise their lead generation efforts. Kickstart provided the skills, knowledge and blueprint for the team to confidently adopt a marketing automation platform. Upskilling the team on the latest marketing technologies, has enabled them to build a supercharged sales and marketing engine that will deliver rapid and repeatable results.

The Recommendation:

"I would recommend this programme because it's been an absolutely fantastic opportunity for us to learn very quickly how modern digital marketing works and how to quickly build a targeted sales pipeline to get to customers, not wasting loads of resources, trying 10 different things, but having that brilliant, fantastic structure to follow." 

Tom Congdon, CEO & CO-Founder of CryoLogyx


If you're interested in learning more about the Grand Scale Kickstart for ICURe programme please click HERE.






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