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Fuelling Business Growth: ViridiCO2's Kickstart Journey - Unleashing B2B Sales Success

Grand Scale empower innovation spin-out companies to successfully launch their business, accelerate their go-to-market, generate sales traction, and attract investment. We achieve this by harnessing the power of our tried-and-tested marketing programmes and strategic membership, equipping spin-outs with the essential skills, strategic prowess, and unwavering support required to not only endure but thrive. Don't just take our word for it—here are testimonials from clients who have not only participated in Grand Scale Kickstart, our established strategic programme, but have also crafted robust marketing strategies enabling them to successfully launch and grow their business. 

Dr. Daniel Stewart, CEO and Co-Founder of ViridiCO2 and graduate of the Grand Scale Kickstart for ICURe programme, proudly funded by INNOVATE UK. 


The Challenge:

Prior to joining the Grand Scale Kickstart for ICURe programme, ViridiCO2 faced a significant challenge. As innovators in converting waste carbon dioxide into high-value chemical products, the company struggled with the challenge of not having a well-defined sales and marketing strategy to engage with enterprise-level clients. This significantly impacted their potential for growth and their ability to acquire new high value customers.

The Solution:

Guided by the expertise of Leanne and Ro, ViridiCO2 successfully developed a clear and defined go-to- market strategy. Kickstart also provided actionable approaches and techniques that the team implemented immediately. This allowed the start-up to efficiently build awareness and establish meaningful engagement with enterprise clients.

The Breakthrough:

ViridiCO2 honed their expertise at every juncture of the customer journey – from initial contact to closing the deal. They acquired the skills to craft marketing content that seamlessly aligned with their strategy, ensuring resonance with potential enterprise clients. The programme also introduced a game-changing technical bottom-of-funnel marketing strategy – an approach that is helping ViridiCO2 effectively convert warm leads into customers.

The Transformation:

Empowered by insights and tools acquired from the Kickstart programme, ViridiCO2 made monumental strides in their client outreach endeavours. They not only developed an effective marketing strategy to engage enterprise-level B2B clients but are now confident in turning these opportunities into tangible sales.

The Recommendation:

"I would highly recommend the Kickstart programme to anybody out there within the business world that is looking to gain, execute, and build on their business-to-business or business-to-customer marketing strategy. It was brilliant to work with Leanne and Ro. It's obvious that they are greatly experienced in this area and they're able to tailor the programme to what I required as our business model was slightly different to others, and to be able to do that and structure it to what we required greatly benefited our company."

 Dr. Daniel Stewart, CEO and Co-Founder of ViridiCO2


If you're interested in learning more about our Kickstart for ICURe programme please click HERE.





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