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Marketing on a Grand Scale!

Grand Scale is helping technology companies of all shapes and sizes grow their market and reach in a bid to boost sales and brand awareness.

Roisin Garland and Leanne Jennings are clear in their vision about helping some of our leading and emerging tech firms reach out, grow and expand into bigger markets.

The pair launched their strategic marketing consultancy Grand Scale just as the pandemic began and since then, they've powered through and boosted the sales and marketing ambition of a hose of B2B tech firms - from the large, to the small start-up.

Their experience is across B2B tech firms throughout multiple industries, over a combined 40 years.

"We have clocked up around 40 years of experience in growth marketing, dedicated to B2B technology companies," Roisin says.

"We have been focused on helping companies to launch, scale, and grow internationally."

"We have seen a real frustration in the market where B2B tech companies are trying to generate sales traction. For us, we wanted to empower them to launch, to build a sales pipeline, and be able to grow their business, not only locally, but internationally as well"

Grand Scale allows its clients to accelerate growth and expand their customer base.

"It's about empowering B2B companies to launch, scale, and grow," Leanne says.

"What we see with a lot of start-ups and technology companies is that they have a viable product, but they just don't know how to market and sell it. They are trying to grow internationally, but don't know about brand awareness, or how to market themselves.

"We are pushing the boundaries. It is underpinned with the power of automation. Our growth marketing programmes give firms strategies to help them generate sales, win business, and grow."

The company's clients include a wide swathe of sectors. That includes those in fintech, medical tech, such as working with Axial3D and climate and green tech businesses, such as Catagen.

"Those are organisations which are scaling and growing internationally, and we have helped them really supercharge their customer acquisition and lead generation processes, and transformed how they do their sales," Roisin says

Grand Scale has also more recently been working with start-up companies, which are looking to launch their new business or new product into new markets. That includes companies such as TapSOS - a smartphone app providing non-verbal contact with emergency services.

 Ulster Business December Edition - Marketing on a Grand Scale, full article page 28-29 


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