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The easiest way to generate a pipeline of hot leads that will become tomorrow’s customers


With an innovative, viable product under your belt and a global market waiting for it, your focus is now on increasing your brand awareness and growing your customer base rapidly to keep your board and investors happy. But maybe you’ve found that it’s easier said than done.  

What you need is a tried and tested way of reaching volumes of prospects around the world and converting them to hot leads in a systematic, sustainable, time-efficient way. If we were to tell you that there’s a powerful online programme that will enable you to do that after just two weeks, why wouldn’t you sign up immediately?  


Not another programme!

The market is full of lead generation services and courses that promise to be the solution you’ve been waiting for. So what makes Kickstart different? Quite simply, the people who run it. Roisin Garland and Leanne Jennings are highly experienced and exceptionally successful growth marketers who have taken numerous tech innovation companies from start-up to global market leaders, acquisition and stock market flotation. They are experts in building brands and businesses and have in-depth knowledge of the technology sector (check out 'About us').

Ro and Leanne developed this laser-focused programme to share their knowledge with business leaders that have a pressing need to grow their customer base but limited budgets and sales and marketing expertise. 


I don’t have time for theory, I need a proven way to generate leads

That’s exactly what Kickstart offers – a concrete strategy and action plan that gets to work immediately to produce rapid, tangible, repeatable results. At the minute you might feel like you’re working in the dark, trying to attract new customers, but maybe in a disorganised and unfocused way. Our proven four-step approach switches on the lights, pinpoints the prospects that you really want to attract and provides a systematic way of engaging with them.

Kickstart takes you from developing your ideal customer persona, through how to prospect effectively, to creating content that converts prospects to hot leads. By the end of the programme you’ll have the know-how and confidence to harness the power of an automated marketing campaign that will deliver a sustainable pipeline of potential customers.


Digital marketing doesn’t work and it costs too much

If you’ve been burnt by outsourcing your digital marketing, it’s understandable that you won’t jump at the next programme that appears to be offering more of the same. But Kickstart is different.

Kickstart ensures you won’t waste time and money on a scattergun digital marketing approach that doesn’t deliver the results your business needs. It presents an exact formula that will empower you to grow your customer base fast and produce a pipeline of high-quality leads, not as a one-off but on an ongoing basis. It demonstrates the power of laser-focused email marketing, which has been shown to outperform all other marketing approaches for lead generation.

And unlike digital marketing agencies that manage a campaign for you, hand over leads and walk away, Kickstart is a  strategic rather than tactical investment in your sales and marketing function that will deliver high-volume, repeatable results. It’s an approach that can sit within your wider sales and marketing strategy and activity.


I know marketing, I can work it out myself

If you’re a business leader or marketer, of course you have a range of marketing skills. What Kickstart is offering is a next generation approach to successfully and rapidly growing your customer base. Everyone has their area of expertise and this is ours. We’ve 35 years’ combined experience of growth marketing, have launched hundreds of successful sales and marketing campaigns and have helped both start-ups and leading B2B tech companies reach the next level.

Why waste time and money trying to find a sales and marketing system that works for you when we have one ready and waiting that could transform your lead generation approach and accelerate business growth?


Can Kickstart really deliver all you claim?

Maybe it does seem too good to be true. But the fact is we’ve used the Kickstart approach to launch companies and products, break into new markets and generate leads many times over. We can point to small, medium and large businesses at home and internationally that will testify to the fact that we know what we’re talking about and that what we’re talking about works. So, you don’t have to take our word for it.Kickstart is a dynamic sales and marketing programme grounded in the power of automation. Businesses that implement marketing automation tools experience an average of a 451% increase in qualified leads.


Our team is small and budget is tight

All the more reason to spend it where it will have the most positive effect. The Kickstart online programme is keenly priced for four three-hour sessions held over two weeks. During these sessions Ro and Leanne will guide you through developing your (possibly first) automated marketing campaign. You’ll get best-practice templates, blueprints and guides to support your journey through the 4-step process and you’ll finish with the foundations of a campaign that will soon be ready to launch. After that you just need to prepare for all those new customers.



Download The ultimate guide for B2B companies to rapidly scale their customer base to learn how to systematically engage with a significant volume of high value leads, nurture them through automated marketing and generate a sustainable pipeline of potential customers for your business.

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