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Grand Scale on a mission to empower B2B tech companies to scale rapidly

Founded in 2020, Belfast-based company, Grand Scale, is already making a name for itself with its strategic, action-based and plain-talking approach to growth marketing.

The company is targeting B2B technology companies that need to grow their customer base at scale, with a range of programmes and support that can help them to launch, scale and grow.

Grand Scale co-founders, Roisin Garland and Leanne Jennings, have 40 years’ combined experience of marketing internationally across financial services, healthcare and software in both the public and private sectors, in highly competitive product and services markets. Having worked with some of the biggest companies in the tech sector, including NYSE, First Derivatives, Neueda, and Kainos, they have in-depth knowledge of what is involved in taking a company from launch through growth to successful stock market flotation and lucrative exit.  

“We know from experience that tech companies at all stages – launch, scaling or growth – can feel utterly frustrated because, despite having a great product or service, they can’t seem to get the sales traction they need,” said Roisin Garland.

“That’s why we set up Grand Scale. Our mission is to use our experience to empower companies to market effectively by tailoring their approach to the stage they are at on their business journey.”

Grand Scale has developed a suite of practical growth marketing programmes that are underpinned by the power of marketing automation. Their Kickstart programme addresses the challenges of the launch stage, helping companies to supercharge lead generation, build brand awareness, and create a pipeline of leads.

Companies at the scaling stage can benefit from the Acquire programme, which focuses on accelerating customer acquisition, while Retain helps consolidate growth by building long-term relationships with customers and driving repeat sales.

“The unfortunate truth is that many young tech companies fail, and that is very often down to poor, or no, marketing,” commented Leanne Jennings. “Investing in marketing has to be a priority because trying to grow a business without it just isn’t going to work."   

“But it’s also important to make sure your marketing efforts are targeted, strategic and cost effective. We believe that our programmes offer that, and we’ve seen the positive results they achieve.”

Among the companies that have benefitted from Grand Scale’s programmes is Belfast company, Axial 3D, a leader in the field of 3D modelling for the healthcare sector. 

“Having worked with Grand Scale we now have a repeatable and predictable process to scale our lead generation to reach our global customer base without having to invest huge amounts in a scaling team. I couldn’t recommend the programme enough to any company that wants to scale,” said Daniel Crawford, founder at Axial3D.

Grand Scale today announced the launch of its online Kickstart programme being delivered live multiple time across the year.  

“Kickstart is a proven 4-step programme that helps companies create a marketing strategy with clear, practical steps that deliver rapid and repeatable results,” said Leanne Jennings.

“Our new online programme is a cost-effective way for tech companies to learn this systematic way to reach volumes of prospects around the world and, through automated marketing, to achieve a sustainable pipeline of leads for sales.”



Kickstart - 4 step formula empowering B2B tech companies to rapidly grow their customer base

Kickstart is a proven, interactive online programme that will empower you to turn volumes of strangers into potential customers, build brand awareness and drive sales traction through supercharged lead generation. 

The next programme will run for two weeks in October 2021 and will not be available again until 2022. Numbers are limited to ensure we can give personal attention to each participant, so don’t delay. To secure your place, SIGN UP TODAY. 


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